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Wide Open Writing First Sunday Welcomes Dawn Brockett

Creating Space For the Bounty of the New Year

Whether you ambitiously set detailed New Year’s resolutions or actively avoid the practice, the changing of the calendar year is a natural time to check in with where you find yourself on your journey—what is working, what is not, what you’d like more of, less of, none of—what you’d like to change in order to move closer to where you want to be.

Change requires movement, and movement requires space.

Creating and maintaining space is the answer: space and a clear distinction between what is me and what is not, between what I crave and what I must do to name and satisfy the need that has learned to mask itself with propriety and deprivation.

~ Dawn Brockett, Unrestricted: How I Stepped Off the Tightrope, Learned to Say No, and Silenced Anorexia

I’d like you to begin with this question, “What do I need, in order to have the freedom to create and change?”

Please join me and the Wide Open Writing community to learn more about how to make space for yourself this year.

This opportunity is available to anyone who wants to come and it’s on the first Sunday of each month. Times are MST.

Wide Open Writing First Sunday Welcomes Dawn Brockett


January 8, 2023    
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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