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Dawn’s story is immediately both heartbreaking and a force of the written word. Make no mistake, this is a page turner. And a very personal one at that. In Unrestricted, Dawn Brockett takes the art of the memoir to new heights.

A powerful call to action for the field to modernize the perception and treatment of anorexia which impacts more than 80 million women worldwide and carries the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.

In her deeply personal and profound book, Unrestricted, Dawn Brockett presents a truly revolutionary perspective on discovering your own voice and path toward self-empowerment.

Unrestricted is an inspiring narrative of Dawn Brockett’s fight against anorexia nervosa and a compelling chronicle of recovery. For anyone who loves someone struggling with an eating disorder, this book will shine a light on both the ferocity of the disorder and what it takes to triumph.

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